Eran Gotesmaan

Eran Gottesman is a self-taught photographer and designer whom during his journey through life became Baal Tshuva.

Eran was born in 1968 in central Israel, married his wife and together they have seven amazing children. His attraction to art began at an early age when he spent large time with his beloved grandfather, an artist who owned a business in the Jaffa flea market. Here Eran became acquainted with art galleries and the country’s first photography books.

His parents were professionals in the military and they lived in various locations in Israel. Due to their service Eran found himself living and traveling the length of the land, where his encounters with the most beautiful and spectacular landscapes of his homeland- Israel have inspired his work.

After his military service he travelled with his wife Tali, a former photographer, to Africa where he received his first photography lessons. Eran insisted not only on carrying the photography equipment but also on expressing his ideas and suggesting his ideas.

Upon returning to Israel Eran studied architecture and interior design. His final art piece was sold in famous London art gallery.

Whilst studying he worked with his mother in the art field at “Cnaan gallery” at the flea market which later became the country’s first vintage gallery.

In 2005 he cofounded with two other partners what was to become the largest vintage gallery in Israel, located in the Jaffa flea market.

In 2010 Aharon Farkash the owner of the renowned “Farkash” Gallery came across one of Eran’s first photographs and he was very impressed with the work.

Immediately he told Eran that this photo was amazing and took him right away to print it. By the next day one piece was hanging in the home of its proud new owner.

Since that day many of his works have been sold in galleries and vintage hideouts and have also appeared in several commercials, movies and television series.

Finally in 2016 Eran left the gallery to pursuit his passion and dream of devoting himself to photography.

His work focuses mainly on photographs of the country and people who love and inhabit the land.

His hope is to give the viewer a perspective of unconditional love for the homeland, not only for its beauty but also for it being the Promised Land given to the people of Israel by God.